Work With Mary Lou On Your Book

As much as we might want to think we can, no one can write a book alone.

We are too close to the material to maintain perspective. With the “curse of knowledge,” a term coined in the field of economics, we too quickly forget what we did and didn’t know when we first learned about our now favorite topic. We use jargon not known by our readers and skip steps important for them to be able to use what we are sharing with them.

Working on our own it becomes too easy for our book to repeatedly drop to the bottom of our priority list. We give lip service to the familiar phrase from commercial air travel – pull down your own oxygen mask first – while continuing to work on client projects or family needs and desires first.

As your Book Enchantress, I can both help you get started on the Yellow Brick Road and keep you moving along it.

A book is a highly personal and variable product. I have learned that no two authors need exactly the same type of help. Each of my programs is set up so it can easily be customized.

I have three sequential programs for authors. The first two look at different aspects of preparing to write your book. The first focuses on the underlying goals and purpose of your book. The second focuses on the content of your book. The third program focuses on creating the book itself.

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Sort Out Your Dream
The first stop on the Yellow Brick Road is the Sort Out Your Dream program. This is when you look at the purpose and topic of your book or decide that this isn’t the time yet for you to write a book. Using a combination of personalized questions and phone calls with me, you will get clear on the purpose of your book, if it is the time for you to write one, and identify next steps.

Investment: $497

Build Your Book’s Foundation
The second stop on the Yellow Brick Road is the Build Your Book’s Foundation
program. This is for the person who has completed the Sort Out Your Dream program or is already clear on her commitment to writing a book.

Just as a house needs a strong foundation and framework, so does your book. Instead of studs, walls, and a roof, we will be looking at topics and sub-topics, a preliminary outline, and a sloppy first draft that gets all you can think of about your topic out of your head and into a computer file.

During this program you will:
• Identify your topic and sub-topics
• Address the complexity and length of your book
• Create a preliminary outline
• Write a sloppy first draft of your book
• Consider the methods and timing of your book launch
• Consider the methods and timing of your book production and distribution
• Begin the development of a timetable

Investment: $1997

Create Your Enchanted Book
The third stop on the Yellow Brick Road is to make the commitment to actually write your book and move forward beyond the sloppy first draft. This is the time to finalize your outline. Do additional research if indicated. Sift through the material in your sloppy draft to determine what stays in this book. Add the polish that comes with editing and proofreading your work.

The Create Your Enchanted Book program is custom designed to fit you. Considerations include:
• How close to complete do you think it is?
• How complex will your book be?
• How large and long will it be (how many pages)?

We will begin with a review of your goals for the book, your topic and sub-topics, and your target audience to see if they have changed any as you worked on your sloppy draft. Considering the information learned through this review, we will move into editing and proofreading.

As your Book Enchantress partner, I can take on many roles – accountability partner, researcher, fact checker, editor, proofreader, project manager. While part of me wishes I could just wave my magic wand and it would all be done, it doesn’t work that way. And believe it or not, you will benefit more by fully participating in the process.

Investment: varies

I work best with people who are committed to working through the process as partners. From personal experience, I have learned that the process moves forward quickly much of the time but that an occasional stumble is to be expected.

As a retiree of The Library of Congress, the home of the Copyright Office, I expect that we are working with original materials of yours and that copyrights held by others will be acknowledged. You will retain copyright of your materials as far as I am concerned. This is a topic you will need to discuss further with your publisher as frequently they retain copyright of materials they publish.

As your Book Enchantress, I can help you retain your love of your topic from the beginning of your work to the time you hold your first print copy in your hand and beyond. Only a small percentage of people who start writing their books complete them.

It’s time to prove to yourself and the world that you are one of those who can successfully reach the end of the Yellow Brick Road glowing and sparkling with the sense of satisfaction that comes from writing and publishing a book your readers will enjoy and benefit from. And that you can be proud of.

It’s time for you to become one of the proud few who can put the title “author” after your name.

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