Using post-its to organize your thoughts

Got a jumble of thoughts about the message you want to share?

Don’t have a clue as to how to sort them out?

Get out some markers, post-its, and a poster board or blank wall.

Start with a bunch of post-its. Write a few words or a phrase related to your message on each sheet. Tear it off and go on to the next sheet. Keep going until you can’t think of anything more to write.

Glance through your post-its and identify several themes.

Write each theme on a post-it in full caps. For example a health coach might have the following themes: HEALTH, FOODS, EXERCISE, etc. Put each theme at the top of a ‘column’ on your poster board or in a different area of your wall.

Go back to your original notes. Read each one, decide which theme it goes with and add it to your ‘poster’ in the best column. If it doesn’t fit a theme, set it aside for now.

Then go back to the post-its you set aside and see if you recognize any additional themes. If you find “pillow or no pillow”, “water bed or memory foam or sleep number”, and “?? Hours”, these could indicate you need to add the theme of SLEEP.

Once all of the post-its are in a column, go back to each column and arrange the post-its in a logical order.

You may find you have a lot more or a lot fewer post-its for some of the themes. This can help you decide if you need to do more research, or if one or more theme should be set aside for its own book.

This is one way you can get a sense of how balanced your knowledge is of the main topic of your message. It is especially helpful for a visually oriented person in getting a quick sense of how ready you are to start writing.

*   *   *   *   *

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