How the solar eclipse can impact your writing

Imagine experiencing time-travel back to the time of King Arthur’s Court in the 6th century. That’s back in the early 500s, more than 1500 years ago. You know all of the history that has taken place between then and now. How do you use that knowledge to turn yourself into a magician?

In Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, the central character had that experience. He had a head injury and woke up in 6th century England. He used his knowledge of a full solar eclipse to convince the King that he could control the sun.

If you live in the lower forty-eight states of the United States, you have the opportunity of experiencing a solar eclipse yourself next week. It will be traveling from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina mid-morning through mid-afternoon on Monday, Aug 21.

If you live under or near the eclipse, I encourage you to journal about your experience.

Do things look any different to you?
Does it feel spooky or romantic or the same as usual?
What kind of thoughts come up for you during this experience?

They have said that if you are too far north or south of the path you won’t get the full experience. However, there are several websites that can give you a taste of what is happening:

Safety notice: Don’t forget to get and wear the special eclipse glasses to look at the sun, especially if you are not directly under the eclipse. You don’t want a permanent memento of the event to be the loss of part or all of your vision.

Whether you are directly under the eclipse or not, take the time to be aware of what is happening around you. You can share your experience with others thru a blog article, or incorporate it in other writing that you do, now or in the future.

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Happy writing!

Mary Lou

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