Why is an editor important?

Do you ever get tired of answering questions? Do you ever wish there was a place where you could plug in some information and the perfect response would be spit out at you?

In a recent conversation with my coach, she asked me a series of questions about what I saw the future holding. Each question was followed by a long pause on my part, and then she would ask it in a slightly different way. When she asked one more time if I wanted a different question, my response was “I want an answer I don’t have to come up with myself.”

As we talked about my ‘answer’ I realized that there are times we just can’t see our own answers. I can help others find their answers by asking my own series of questions and listening through and between the words of my client’s responses, yet I can’t see my own answers.

Regularly, I am reminded that there are some things we are just too close to to advise ourselves about.

Writing is one of those things.

There are times when my writing is short, direct, and to the point. Other times, I spend a lot of time and words presenting a backstory that isn’t necessary for my reader to understand what I am writing about. It takes sharing my material with my own editor to end up with an article that achieves my goal.

Sometimes she will encourage me to add an example to embellish my point and make it clearer. Other times she will suggest that I remove an entire paragraph that may be interesting, but isn’t necessary for my reader to understand my point.

In both instances she is answering the question – What is necessary to achieve my goal of expressing clarity in the information I am sharing?

Are you ready to begin your writing project but feeling overwhelmed? Not sure how to get started? Lost in the magnitude of ideas that bombard your mind?

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