What do you do when your brain freezes?

This past week I found myself staring at a blank pad of paper, writing a paragraph or two, and then being ready to wad up the paper and see if I could make a basket across the room.

I would transfer part of my notes to my computer screen and then reach another blank.

I tried approaching the topic from different directions. Everything ended up in a jumble.

The struggle was real. The results, non-existent.

An important part of what I do is to bring clarity of expression for myself and my clients. This was a week that I couldn’t even manage minimal clarity for myself.

I would read what I had written, stare at it for a while, and then try again.

Did I do what I advise my clients to do, what I have written about here more than once? NO

  • I didn’t get up and stretch.
  • I didn’t wash dishes or clean my office.
  • I didn’t write the same sentence over and over until something came to me.
  • I didn’t take a short nap and then come back to it.

Heck no. I even sat staring at my yellow pad all of one night with Columbo and Murder She Wrote reruns in the background. When Tuxedo came up to me to get him some breakfast I realized the sky was starting to lighten.

This wasn’t the way to get my work done. I finally conceded that writing wasn’t going to happen for me and I headed for bed. I went back to that pad of paper several times over the weekend with the same results.

My advice to you is to do as I recommend, not as I did this weekend. I did manage to keep from ‘should’ing all over myself. However, I didn’t accomplish much, either.

If writing isn’t going to happen for you, then deliberately set it aside and identify something else that you can make progress on. Work on something else for your business or do something to have fun and relax.

Give your brain a break from your writing project and come back to it a day or two later.

You will be amazed at how much you are able to accomplish then, and how much better you will feel about the way you used your time.

* * * * *

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