Is Writer’s Block Real?

Yes and no.

Yes. There can be times when you are frustrated by circumstances and unable to focus on your writing. Often, other parts of your life are less than ideal at the same time. The harder you try to work, the less you are able to do.

And no. If putting words down on paper or into a computer file just isn’t working for you, it may be time to take a break from writing and work on a different aspect of your book.

First, try a five-minute stretch break and return to your writing. If you are still feeling stuck, it is time to focus on something else.

Sometimes opening a new file and writing streams of consciousness – whatever comes to mind, even if it is only “I can’t think of anything to write – this is stupid,” over and over until something more meaningful and related to your topic comes to mind – will help you get back into writing.

Following are some productive ways you can use the time you have set aside for writing if neither of these suggestions help you continue with your writing.

Go back to your outline and rough notes. Do you need to do some research on any of your points? Do that now.

Have you identified a few personal or client stories that you can use as illustrations of the points you want to make? Jot down some details, including identifying which section of the book you want to include the story in. Then, when it is time to go back to writing, you can re-create a clear version in your mind to write from.

Would pictures or drawings enhance your book? This could be a time to locate ones that would work well.

Have you given any thought to when and how you will launch your book? If speaking engagements are part of your plan, this could be a time to start identifying locations for your talks and book signings.

Being unable to write can be frustrating and discouraging. However, this time can still be used effectively by addressing some of the other tasks that are a part of writing a book.

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