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storm cloudsWhile at the grocery store recently, I was reminded what a difference the direction we are facing makes. After putting my groceries in the back of the car, I looked ahead to see why the sky seemed so dark. Filling my view were dark billowing clouds against a white and blue sky. There were frequent lightning strikes, although my phone’s camera wasn’t fast enough to catch any of them. I was thinking I needed to get home quickly to avoid the rain.

early moonriseThen I looked to the left, in the direction I would be driving. In a light blue sky with a scattering of clouds just above the tree line was a bright full moon, indicating clear skies ahead.

I was standing in the same place. All I had done was turn my head (and later my feet before taking the photo). Yet my world had changed from showing the beginnings of a dark, stormy night to clear skies ahead.

We have the potential of duplicating this experience at any time – when we change our perspective we change our expectations and our experience.

The same is true when we are ready to write. If we approach the task anticipating that it will be a struggle, it will be. The stormy clouds around us will encourage us to look for cover – urging us to find anything to do other than write. The flashes of lightning will distract us and take us off in different directions – making it difficult to focus long enough to complete our thoughts.  A lack of focus leads to a lack of accomplishment, which leads to discouragement, which leads to the temptation to give up completely.

Yet just turning our heads to one side can change our perspective completely. The clear skies encourage us to relax and let the words flow. We become the conduit for the message we want to share. When we stop writing, it all makes sense and we are encouraged to continue.

How do we shift our perspective?

One way is to mentally step back and take three deep breaths.

A second way is to take a short break. Do something that takes your mind off your writing for 5 or 10 minutes.

  • Cuddle with a loved one or pet a fur baby.
  • Listen to some music that either relaxes you or stimulates you.
  • Read something inspirational.

A third way is to review what you have already written on the topic. Write a sentence that summarizes your earlier writing. Write that sentence over and over until you find yourself easily moving on with your topic.

Is writing easy for you?

Is it a struggle?

Is it something you have thought about doing yet your fear of it being a struggle has kept you from starting?

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