What do rabbits and dots have in common?

Long before I became a Book Enchantress, I worked as a communications instructor with adults who were losing their vision. One of the topics I studied was braille transcription.

Braille is a system of six dots arranged in three rows of two raised dots each. Each letter is represented by one or more of the six available dots. The final test for certification was to select a book, transcribe it, and submit it to the Library of Congress for evaluation.

The book I selected was A Treasury of Peter Rabbit and Other Stories by Beatrix Potter, an English author and illustrator of children’s books born 150 years ago. Peter Rabbit was her first book, published in 1902. Today, more than two million Beatrix Potter books are sold across the world every year in many different languages.

She could not have anticipated that her book would be chosen by a young teacher for a braille project, yet her gifts of presenting her stories in such an engaging way made it perfect for my needs.

When you write your book, you can’t anticipate all the ways it might be used in the future. You can choose to work with an editor who will help you create a book you can be proud of now and in the distant future – one that can be used in ways that aren’t even on your horizon right now.

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