Who is your audience?

There are two elements to your target audience:

  • The person most impacted by your topic or most apt to read your book
  • The person who will pay for your book

With many books this will be the same person. The reader will have a direct interest in the topic and will be the focus of the book.

You are writing a book about networking for entrepreneurs. The topic is clearly targeted for an audience that would buy the book and then read it and use the ideas and suggestions presented in the book. Both the style of writing and the marketing will be directed at the same person.

What if you are writing a coming-of-age book for a middle school girl? The girl will read it but her parents or perhaps a favorite aunt will buy it for her. Or the school librarian will purchase it for her library. The vocabulary and writing style of the book will be geared to the young girl. The marketing will be geared to the various adults who would be the potential purchasers of the book.

When you decide on a book topic, you naturally think first about the person who will be reading it.

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that you have to keep two audiences in mind as you write and market your book if the reader isn’t likely to be the purchaser.

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