Beauty as a Source of Inspiration

Today is the anniversary of my dad’s birth. He would be over one hundred if still alive today. In his generation, men found it difficult to share emotions with each other so he would thank his friend’s mother for gifting the world with her son by sending her a dozen roses on the friend’s birthday.

When I am looking for inspiration, one of the things I will do is go to the website of a colleague – Patty Hankins. She is a photographer of flowers and takes the most beautiful shots of roses, especially sorbet roses. The transitions from yellow to orange to pink can be hypnotizing. I can easily sink into the center of a blossom and let the world float away.

When the mundane parts of our lives start to get us down, when we are feeling discouraged about life and have no desire to write, this is when getting lost in a thing of beauty can trigger inspiration and excitement.

Do you have an image or a song or a scent that inspires you?

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