Is there a Snow White in your future?

Does the message you want to share with the world resemble a familiar fairy tale?

Why not use that as a way to organize your writing? One of the stories I remember well and told to my sons (even knowing they would never be princesses) was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Disney’s animated feature of this story was released nationally on Feb 4, 1938.

Each fairy tale has similar elements:

  • A hero or heroine who works through one or more challenges during the telling of the story. If using the form of an allegory, you would have a named character in this role. If using a non-fiction format, the reader is the implied heroine.
  • The evil queen who places obstacles in the way of the heroine. In retrospect, this person is actually a teacher who forces the hero to learn one or more important lessons.
  • Supporting characters that travel the path with the hero or join him or her along the journey. In Snow White we have the king, the huntsman, the seven dwarves (each with different characteristics) and the animals. In non-fiction the supporting characters are replaced by the ideas and topics you want to present. Each idea presents an important concept to the reader.

As you think about the message you want to share, consider three things:

  • What is the core message?
  • Which format are you most comfortable with – sharing your story through the named characters of an allegory or a more direct “here’s how it’s done” non-fiction style?
  • Which format will your readers find most understandable and effective?

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