Quick Tip: Is Yours a Life of Service?

Albert Schweitzer was born on January 14, 1875. He was many things during his lifetime – theologian, organist, philosopher, physician.

His philosophy revolved around the concept of Reverence for Life. Mankind had to choose to create the moral structures of civilization: the world-view must derive from the life-view, not vice versa. Respect for life, overcoming coarser impulses and hollow doctrines, leads the individual to live in the service of other people and of every living creature. In contemplation of the will-to-life, respect for the life of others becomes the highest principle and the defining purpose of humanity.

Tomorrow is the actual birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., a more recent advocate of service to other people.

Both of these men received the Nobel Peace Prize – in 1952 and 1964 respectively.

Both spent much of their lives speaking and writing on issues that were core elements of their beliefs.

Are you ready to do the same?

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