A time to germinate new ideas

December often feels like a difficult time to think about writing. There is so much to get done on top of the usual to-do list. Where would writing fit in?

For many people December is more of a gestation period for their writing. As they get odd moments of time ideas come to them. This is a good time to keep a small notebook handy – next to your bed at night and in your pocket during the day – to jot these ideas down.

I know that smartphones have different apps that you can write notes in. My problem is that my keyboard is small enough that I am always deleting parts of any word that contains an ‘m’ or autocorrect completely changes what I intended to write.

Some phones have a function for dictating notes or email messages that you can then send to your computer. Be sure that what is on the screen is what you intended. And do make any necessary corrections before hitting the send button or you may greet these notes with total confusion when you look at them again.

I learned to write with a pen or pencil and pad of paper, not my thumbs, so a notepad is what I prefer. If you can write quickly and accurately with your thumbs, then you will want to keep your phone handy.

Pick a day during the week and transfer these notes to a file in your computer so you can go back to them after the first of the year.

Your ideas can come from memories of past holidays.

They can come from something that works really well with a client. Or perhaps something that bombs the first time you try it. There is learning to be had from both sides of success.

Perhaps something you read will trigger a soapbox you want to get on. Later you may lose interest in the soapbox but still want to share your perspective on the topic.

If you are open to them, new ideas can come from a wide variety of sources. What you do with them will also vary. This is a time to collect them, not worry about what you will do with them.

* * * * *

When you are ready sort out how you want to use the ideas you have collected this month I’d love to explore them with you as your Book Enchantress. It’s time to share your powerful gifts with the Universe.

Give me a call at 843-593-0045 or use this link to schedule a call to talk about what is involved.

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