Quick Tip: A Quick and Easy Thank You Note List

I am sharing this tip again this year because it can make the gift-tag-2holiday season easier for you.

For years I kept a pad of paper and pen close by during any gift-receiving occasion, especially at Christmas. As the only female in the family and the person with the most legible handwriting I was charged with keeping track of who got what from whom. (Actually I knew if I didn’t do this, thank you notes probably wouldn’t be written.)

Recent years have brought a tool into my life I wish I had had when the boys were young – a smart phone. Now I just take a quick photo of the gift with the tag or card next to it. All needed information is together and I’m not struggling to write detailed notes for future reference.

Whether your special time is Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa or one of the other observances in December, I wish you a blessed and reflective time.

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I would love to partner with you for more extensive writing than thank you notes – that book that has been floating around the back of your mind for a while. You can schedule an appointment to talk through this link.

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