It’s finally time to scribble away!

The time has come. You have pulled together some notes. You have a preliminary outline or storyboard of your book. The moment you have both looked forward to and dreaded has arrived. It is time to pick up pen and paper or keyboard and start writing.

There are a couple of other things you want to do before you start to scribble your book. These relate to identifying the best place and time for you to work. You want a pleasant location with minimal distractions.

The best place . . .

For most people this means away from other people. Perhaps a room with a door you can close. You may prefer to leave home or your office and write at the library or in a favorite coffee shop if half the other customers won’t stop by to see how you are doing and what you are up to.

Do you want total quiet? Some music in the background? If music, what genre – instrumental? Vocals? Lively? Calming?

Computer or pen? Do you have a favorite pen that inspires you just by holding it?

The best time . . .

Once the place is settled the next decision is what is the best time for you to write? You may have to try writing at several different times to find the best time for you.

If you have children, typically you will want to write while they are at school or at night after they are in bed. Even older children and spouses can come to you with questions at all times of the day.

Most people try to write some every day. Professional writers will typically devote time at the same time every day. Others are fitting writing in between the other activities of their lives. You want to set aside enough time that you can get back in the flow and make good progress before you quit for the day. If possible, write long enough to complete a chapter or a major segment of the chapter. Remember, the editing comes later.

Start scribbling . . .

This “first” draft is where you get all of your thoughts about a topic out of your head and down on paper. Don’t expect it to be pretty. As much as possible avoid editing as you go. Just write.

Unless you are writing a novel or an allegory, the order in which you start writing isn’t important. Review your outline and your notes and start with the chapter that is just itching to be written. The words are bouncing around in the back of your mind saying “Me first. Me first.” The transitions between the chapter that precedes it and the one that follows can be written later in the process.

*     *     *     *     *

Still not sure how to get started? Want some help? Let me partner with you as your Book Enchantress and we can quickly get you on your way.

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