How’s your author’s platform?

You’ve completed many of the steps necessary to start writing your book.

One of the first ones was to identify the audience for your book – people with a particular area of interest. Perhaps they are friends and clients of yours. Perhaps they have the problem your book solves but don’t know you yet.

Authors frequently don’t realize that they are responsible for having an audience ready and eager to buy the book as soon as it is released. In traditional publishing this is referred to as building your author platform.

Whether you self-publish or go with a traditional publisher, you are expected to do the majority of the marketing of your book.

There are several ways you can begin doing this while you are writing your book so your audience will be ready for you.

  • Join relevant social media groups and start contributing comments on a regular basis so your group of friends grows.
  • Begin or expand the public speaking you do. Give speeches at local and national meetings.
  • Conduct teleseminars and webinars about your topic.
  • Reach out to colleagues in related fields to set up affiliate relationships so they will help with your publicity.
  • Start thinking about book signings and paid ads. These are things you will do when you are closer to done, but you should start thinking about them now.


This is another area where you may want to work with an expert. Preparing for a launch involves identifying what steps to take in what order, creating a calendar and checklist so nothing slips between the cracks, and creating killer copy to attract potential readers.

A friend of mine, Diana Needham is an expert at book launches. Click here to discover the secret to unlock your author success.

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Still don’t know what an author’s platform is? Want some help? Let me partner with you as your Book Enchantress and we can quickly get you on your way.

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