How’s your balance these days?

Ebb and Flow . . .  Out and In . . .  The Tides . . .  Energy . . .  Money . . .

Life and business are full of balances. Periods of heavy activity followed by a slower time to catch your breath and restore energy and other resources.

My sister, Pat Bell, recently wrote an article discussing this concept in a very basic way – comparing this balance to breathing. It is vital that we both breathe out and breathe in.

If we only breathe out – be very active with no time to regroup and reenergize – we become ill. If we only breathe in – cut back on our activity level – then our business and our life shrinks.

Solopreneurs get caught up in the same types of thoughts regarding money in our lives and our businesses. The balance here, as Pat pointed out, is with giving and receiving.

Most of us who end up in service-oriented businesses find it very easy to give. In fact we generally over-give. We undervalue the services we provide and give much more than the client or customer anticipates.

The hard part is receiving from our clients and colleagues.

We place a low price on our services and frequently find ourselves giving discounts on these already low prices.  However, if we don’t allow ourselves to receive, we get burnt out and have little to give.

The Universe wants us to receive according to our true value. We have to cooperate with the Universe for this to happen. As we relax into making a true assessment of our value, we come into contact with prospects who need our services and see the prices we set as a bargain.

Our colleagues will recognize our value and make referrals that are truly appropriate.

As we increase the balance in our lives and our business, we feel more confident and move forward with programs and products that help our business grow.

How’s the balance in your business? Are you giving and receiving equally, allowing the Universe to support you in sharing your gifts with the world?

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