I’m Done Writing, What Happens Next?

You’ve been working on your info product for what feels like forever. You planned it, created it, polished it, and created a marketing plan. The last step is to deliver the finished product to the customer. This is another step that may require going outside your company to accomplish.

If delivery is to be done electronically, you need to set up a “private” part of your website for storing the various pdf (print), mp3 (audio) and mp4 (video) files. If you know the platform for your website, you may be able to do this yourself. If you don’t, it’s worth the money to have a web designer set it up for you. You don’t want to be fielding calls and emails from people who can’t download the files they just paid for. That will just move you to the bottom of their list. And if the problem isn’t solved quickly, you will become one of the people at the top of their complaint list.

If you go with a physical product, you will need an in-house shipping department or an arrangement with a fulfillment company. When I was a child, my father sold Earl Nightingale’s record The Strangest Secret for additional income. Our family became his shipping department, and this may be a solution for you as well initially.

I can remember evenings and weekends putting orders together. Among other purposes our basement served as the storage space for advertising fliers, inventory, mailers, mailing labels, etc. I got skilled at folding cardboard on the creases, putting in the records and additional advertising sheets, and sealing up the package with wide tape.

If you don’t want to put packages together in your living room or on your kitchen counter or you don’t want to invest in physical inventory, you may choose to go with a fulfillment house. You provide them with your final pdf, audio, and video files and they create your information product to order, shipping directly to your customer.

Whether you go with digital or physical products, you are going to need some additional software   systems – a shopping cart combined with a merchant account. And you will probably integrate this with your email system so that you can include links to order your products in your ezines as well as in your website. When you have a well-integrated system, once you have created your sales page the rest of it is automatic. Setting up a system like this is a job that many virtual assistants (VAs) enjoy doing,

Your customer completes the order, including their credit card information. The computers talk with each other to collect the money. If your product is strictly digital, the customer is automatically directed to the page described above to download the file(s). If you have a physical product, then either your team gets the order to send out or the order is sent to the fulfillment house. They produce the product and mail it. Either way, you see the money in your bank account.

An important part of the delivery process is the follow-up. With the more sophisticated email programs you can set up a nurturing campaign that goes out automatically to your customers.  Congratulate them on ordering the product. Mention a couple of points addressed in the product.  Ask if they have any questions about the material. Encourage them to schedule a call to talk about your other services. Use your information product as a building block to a longer and deeper relationship with this person. Again, your VA can help you with the technical part of setting up this follow-up.

Is it starting to feel like the whole process of creating a product and selling it may be more work than it is worth? A high quality product can help your business grow in a number of ways:

  • It gives your prospects a way to get to know more about you and your values.
  • It is a way you can work with more clients than you can handle on a one-on-one basis.
  • It adds to your credibility as a leader in your field.
  • It is an additional source of income – from your website or from the back of the room at a speaking engagement.


The delivery is one of the elements included in the blueprint we create while outlining your info product. Click here to schedule an Extraordinary Product Exploratory Session.

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