Laying out your signature system

Last week we talked about a couple of entry level products that you can create to start leveraging your income.

  • A single downloadable audio file with or without a downloadable pdf file with some notes and simple exercise. This can be up leveled by adding a physical product mailed to the customer.
  • Materials based on a class or series of webinars with print materials – as either a downloadable or a physical product.


This week we will address the next step. For most people their largest product will be a home study of their signature system. This will address the topics they cover with the majority of their clients. Think through the usual order you go through each topic and identify the critical elements of each topic.

After identifying each critical element, think about possible ways to illustrate each one – stories, statistics, diagrams. Then check to see if you have had your clients work through an exercise related to this topic – answering a series of questions, ranking different aspect of it on a 1 to 10 scale, etc. You can reuse these exercises in your home study.

Would the addition of a wall chart make it easier to apply some of the principles you work with?

Decide how you want to present the information. This will be a product where you definitely will want to have both audio and print. And if you have the necessary resources, you will want to add video.

The print in this product is frequently the primary product. The audio may use the core of the print as a script or it can be supplemental material on the topic.

This product, your signature system, can be used several ways:

  • Sold directly to a new or returning client at the back of the room following a speech
  • Sold directly to a new or returning client from your website
  • Given to a high level client as a bonus for signing up for a special program


Those copies that are sold from the back of the room after a presentation or on your website will introduce you to new prospects. As they work through the materials they will get a sense of how you work and what you value. Most people will find that the material is good. When they go to apply the material to their own business or life, they may run into personal resistance or a lack of follow through.  This can serve as a trigger to get some help. And you are the logical person to turn to for that help.

When you provide your signature system to your high end clients as a bonus for signing up for that program they have materials in their hands that you can use in conjunction with your coaching sessions. Some material can be suggested reading prior to a session. Worksheets can become homework before or after a session. Either way you no longer have to reinvent the material for each new client.

Whether you sell a lot of copies of your signature system to new clients or use it primarily to supplement the work you do with your high end clients it will serve you well. The process you go through in developing it will help you clarify in your own mind just what it is you do with your clients and the elements that make working with you different from working with anyone else.

The probability is that you are not the only person doing your type of coaching–be it focused on business, health and nutrition, fitness, money, or life issues. The core elements of your program will be similar to anyone else who focuses on the same issue. What makes your program different is you. As you create your signature product be sure to include elements of you and your perspective on the issues and it will be a powerful addition to your portfolio of options for your clients.

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