First steps in creating an info product

You’ve maxed out your income based on one-on-one work with clients. There are things you want to do, with your business and your personal life that your current income won’t support. You’re ready to add another source of income to your business.

Where to start?

Typically your first product will be a low cost item that addresses a concern of your clients. Take a look at your current clients, especially those you most enjoy working with. Go over your notes, identifying common problems. Ask yourself, what do they need, what are they looking for? What is the pain that has them ready to seek help from someone else to feel successful in their business or their life.

This first product may be a single downloadable audio file, perhaps with a downloadable worksheet to accompany it that addresses a single problem or issue. It can be made from a single session teleclass you offered or you can record material specifically for the product. A simple upgrade of these products would be a physical version of the same materials that would be mailed to the client for a slightly higher price.

An easy next product could be based on a class or series of webinars you have presented. This would typically be an introductory presentation on a single topic, such as sales for a business coach or basics of food sensitivities for a health coach. You can package the audio files with some minimal editing along with the handouts you gave to the participants in the course. One reason for editing the audio files is to remove some of the filler words such as “and, and, and,” or “you know,” or “eh” that are less noticeable during the class but can become annoying when focused on listening to the session.

If you don’t have an actual class you have taught to a group you can make recordings of the material you want to share without an audience to get the audio files. Remember if you are creating files specifically for your product to relax and let your enjoyment and enthusiasm for the topic show in your voice. We all tend to be more animated when talking with someone else. It’s easy to lose that ‘aliveness’ when that audience is missing.

You can boost the value and the price of this last product by adding a couple of bonus audio files that supplement the basic material, perhaps a recording of an interview you have done with an expert in that field.  This product can also be turned into a physical product.

Next week we’ll discuss the creation of a home study or signature system product.

Does all this seem like too much? Does it sit heavy on your shoulders when you think about it? Remember that like other parts of your life and your business, you will do these things one step at a time. Many people create some but not all of these products. Almost no one tries to create everything at the same time. That takes too much time and energy. Besides, you will want to see how each product is received before deciding which ways you will want to tweak the next product.

Want to learn more about how to get started? I would love to talk with you about ways we can work together to produce powerful, effective, high quality products to expand the reach of your business. Click here to schedule an appointment.

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