Is it time to prune your business?

As your business grows, sometimes it feels like it just “growed like Topsy,” the young girl in Harriet Beech Stowe’s novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Typically this phrase refers to something that grows in an unplanned or unsupervised manner.

As many entrepreneurs start their businesses they are pulled in several different directions. They try on different ways of marketing. They create a variety of programs and products. They create, or fail to create, different ways of bringing new clients into their businesses. They find things that work well and others that aren’t as effective. Gradually some things are put on the back burner without the owner ever making a conscious decision about their future usability in their businesses.

Summer is a good time to evaluate the different parts of your business:

  • Are the various procedures you have used in the past still useful for you?
  • Is the lead magnet you created early in your business still adding new names to your list?
  • Do the products in your store still represent the best of what you do with your clients?
  • Are the programs and packages you offer still the best fit for your clients?


As you structure your time for the next couple of months, this is a good time to build in a few hours each week to look at the different parts of your business and decide which elements to keep, which to update and which to drop completely and replace with something new.

When looking at your current procedures ask yourself if they address all aspects of your business. Is it time to add a form or questionnaire to your pre-strategy call process to shorten the time you spend on the phone? If you already have a questionnaire, are all of the questions still relevant? Are your procedures written down so you can pass parts or all of them off to a virtual assistant?

Is your lead magnet – sometimes referred to as the opt-in or freebie on your website – still attracting new people to your list? Does it address a problem that is important to your current ideal client? Does it have a clear call to action?

What about your products? Do they still address issues that are important to the clients you want to work with? One of my clients decided to drop a product completely when she realized she no longer wanted to help people build that type of business.

Do you need a new product to further leverage your income? Do you need to refresh a product that has good bones but doesn’t have the same appeal to today’s clients that it had two years ago? Have you taught a class recently that would lend itself to becoming an info product?

Are you still charging by the hour or do you sell packages – either by the month (or multiple months) or to reach a specific goal? Is it time to add a ‘bootcamp’ to your offerings.

Summer is a great time to step back and review your business. Do you need some help sorting through all this? Are you ready to create a new lead magnet or product? Click here to set up an exploratory session.

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