Is your business distinctive?

One of several special speakers at the Be the Change Event was Scott McKain. He spoke on the importance of creating distinction in our businesses.

What are you doing to create distinction in your business? How do you stand out from the others who are coaches and small business owners?

While traveling I experienced two ways in which design was the distinguishing characteristic..Sink in the Jacksonville, FL, airport ladies' room.

My first was in the ladies’ restrooms at the Jacksonville, FL, airport. At first glance I didn’t recognize the sink as a sink. It was a slab of colored concrete sloping back towards the wall. Water spigots extend out from the wall, activated by hand movement.  The holes in the slab are for disposing of paper towels. The sink serves the same purpose as all other sinks, but it is distinguished from all others I have seen. (I won’t forget it.)

The 2nd way was while visiting the Bellagio Casino and Resort when in Las Vegas last week. The Bellagio Casino has one of the moMary  Lou in front of Chihuly arrangementst beautiful glass sculptures in the world – a glass ‘bouquet’ created by the artist Chihuly. The colors and swirls within the flowers are distinctive in their own right. (Something else that will stay with me.) This arrangement was in one of the lounges. There were other pieces throughout the public areas of the first floor. If you’d like a piece for your home there were some beautiful table top pieces available for $32,000 each.

Are you distinctive? Have you identified the characteristics that separate your coaching business from that of other coaches you know?

According to Scott McKain in his book Create Distinction, these differences can be – and often are – little, but they define the uniqueness of the businesses approach.

The four cornerstones of distinction are

  • Clarity – being precise about who you are and just as exact about who you are not
  • Creativity – execution without creativity is boring – there is no one “right way”
  • Communication – a story you keep to yourself has the same value as no story at all
  • Customer-Experience Focus – focus on creating distinctive experiences for your clients and prospects


One of my goals since I started my business has been that the customer – your client or prospect – have a positive experience in using the materials we create together. The experiences your clients have will build or destroy your credibility, authority, and brand.

Let’s create the distinction that builds your business into the go-to business in your niche. Contact me and let’s talk.

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