Growth and change

In a class last week we were discussing the paths many of us have taken. And the truth of the statement that struggle and change are critical parts of growth.

A photo showing several changes from the cocoon to the butterfly.
A photo showing several changes from the cocoon to the butterfly.

One of the group members reminded us that if we disrupt the natural struggle the butterfly goes through when working its way out of its cocoon we actually harm it rather than helping it. If the pupa doesn’t have to work to get out of the cocoon, the butterfly’s wings won’t be strong enough for it to fly.

If unable to fly, the butterfly would not have the same beauty that we so admire.

There are even more changes that take place as we grow into the entrepreneurs we seek to be. It has been said that starting a business of your own is one of the quickest ways to experience self-awareness and self-development.

And along the way you will stretch and grow and discover you have the strength to do things you never believed possible before starting this journey.

One major difference between being an entrepreneur and a butterfly is that we don’t have to go through all of these changes on our own. While there is a lot of both internal and external growth and change, it is both appropriate and necessary to get help along the way.

When starting out most of us have the beginnings of an idea of what we do well. We have a fairly good idea of who we work with best. We have little or no idea of how to turn this into a business.

Over the past few years a phrase I have heard more times than I wanted to is that there is a difference between working in your business and working on your business.

Working in your business is doing all those fun things you enjoy doing with and for your clients, whether it be coaching or writing or designing.

Working on your business is doing all those things that help you generate money when you do those things you love to do – networking, marketing, sales calls, recording keeping, bookkeeping, and on and on.

Working in your business will lead you to mentors and training related to the core of your business.

Working on your business will lead you to mentors and coaches to teach you the basic skills needed. You will probably hire staff to do those parts of the job you least enjoy so you can spend your time generating new clients and additional income. Frequently you will start by becoming a client of people who have built businesses of their own doing the things you don’t like doing. When your business is large enough you will move out of your home or one room office and hire full time staff.

Large business or small, you will continue to want and need the support of others.

As Maya Angelou has written: “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

What changes have you experienced in your life and your business over the past year? Are you ready to share them with others in ways that will increase your credibility and authority as an expert in your field? Contact me and let’s talk.

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