Learning from high profile ads

If you live anywhere in North America, and most probably anywhere in the world, you have been hearing about dogs and horses, cute little girls, Muppets, and wing-sprouting engineers. These are just a few of the characters in the many Super Bowl ads from last Sunday.

Living in South Carolina, we didn’t chat with many Denver Bronco or Seattle Seahawks fans after church. But almost everyone planned on catching at least a few of the ads or part of the halftime show.

Major companies invest millions of dollars in creating these ads.  What do these companies have in common with you, a solopreneur or small business owner?

They need to bring in new and repeat customers to keep their businesses strong. And so do you.

They invested time, energy, and money in creating an image of their business that would attract new and repeat customers. You need to do the same.Perhaps on a smaller scale, but the same types of investments.

They started planning months, if not a year or more, ahead of game day. Many of them put teasers out on YouTube prior to the game to draw their audience. And all of them have posted longer or shorter versions of their ads on YouTube and their own websites since the game. They are working to maximize the return on investment (roi) from their ads.

The higher the quality of the ad, the greater the potential roi, both immediately and over time.

How did they get high quality ads? They put together a team – idea people, word people, designers, actors, costumers, videographers, even money people. You may not have people in all of these roles in your business, but you can bring them on for a special project.

Sometimes the big companies focused directly on their product – be it a car, beer, cereal, or junk food. Sometimes they focused on a feeling they want you to associate with their product.

What do you want people to carry away from your products? Knowledge of how to do something? The ability to change their lives? A sense of how you work with your clients?

You, too, will benefit from planning and investing  in quality ads and other products. The overall look and feel of your products impacts on your reputation. Adding that extra layer of polish will help your products stand out in a crowd, in a good way. And when that happens, your reputation rises.

Need help in planning for that high quality, polished product? Contact me here.

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