3 Ways to Reuse Your Stuff

 A lot of people give you suggestions on how to reuse your ‘stuff’ by looking for quotes and ‘bits and pieces’ you can pull from a longer product and post to Facebook and Twitter. 

 I’d like you to look at the topic from a different perspective – some ways that you can use the things you already have and create a product you can sell.

 “There is creative reading as well as creative writing.”— Ralph Waldo Emerson         

Ralph Waldo Emerson comments on creative reading. Matthew Arnold formulated three questions for a book critic to ask and answer:

1.   What is the writer trying to do?

2.   How well does he succeed in doing it?

3.   Is it worth doing? . . .

 I encourage you to look through the materials you have already created with this attitude. You are the writer. How effectivewere your earlier works? What are additional ways they can be used?

There are three types of materials to look at:

  • articles you have written,
  • teleclasses/teleseminars you have taught or been a part of,
  • products that you wrote a few years ago that might be ready for  updating.


Start with the articles you have written in the past. Do they have a theme? Is there a natural progression throughout? Do they answer common questions of your clients? Can you put them together creatively with a few worksheets and an audio file as a home study?

Turn next to that folder full of audio files. Sort them into groups that cover similar topics. Pick the topic that interests you the most and have transcripts prepared of these calls. Pull the most important points and interesting examples. Again, use your creativity to put together a product containing audio and print, adding some diagrams or worksheets. Use this as a new product for sale or to replace your current freebie with a new one. Either use can draw in new and/or repeat clients.

Last, let’s take a look at the products that are already on your website. Has your business shifted to the point that some of them are no longer relevant? Are they still bringing in money for you? If so, perhaps put them in a less prominent place on your website, but hang on to them. If they are no longer money makers and no longer fit your business model, consider removing them completely.

There is one other category of current products that should be read creatively. These are the products on your website that are a couple of years old. They may fit with your business model but no longer reflect your current teaching. Perhaps it is time to create your version of Super Sales Secrets 2.0. Read the current version both creatively and objectively.

  • Is it complete or were some steps left out the first time you wrote it?
  • Does it need new or additional examples?
  • Do you still use the same language to identify each of the steps?
  • Have you added one or more steps since you wrote version 1.0
  • Does it need some worksheets or charts to make it more effective?
  • Could you add one or more videos to the package to make it more complete?

Information products, be they an audio file, a short report, or a multi-media home study, should reflect you and your business. Well-written products, created with the wants and needs of your client in mind, can add to the size of your business and build your reputation and that of your brand.

Use this link to set up a call to discuss possible uses of your stuff.

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