Enchanted Concept Taster

Remember the stories about the king with his personal food taster – the person who assured that he didn’t eat any poisoned food and die?

Wouldn’t you like to have your own personal concept taster to assure that your marketing messages about upcoming events don’t fall flat and cause your profits to die?

As your Enchanted Concept Taster I will sit between you and your target audience to assure that nothing is missing and there is clarity in the details.

  • Are you answering all the questions your reader might have?
  • Are these answers easy to find and understand?
  • Have you made conscious decisions about what to include and exclude from your offer?

Thru a phone call, checklist, and follow-up emails you will develop a plan that draws in your audience and reduces the repetitive phone calls and emails you need to respond to in the future.

Investment: $225

Use this link to schedule an Enchanted Content Taster Consultation.