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Ways to show you are an expert

Fall is both a time of new beginnings and of harvesting.

New beginnings can include the start of school or tackling a new project.

Harvesting can include picking the ripe fruits and vegetables in the garden.

The slight chill in the air adds energy to your step and motivation to pick up the pace in your life and business.

Is it time to get started on that book you have been promising to write for forever?

Is speaking part of your life? Or would you like it to be? Having a sample of your work to sell or give away at the back of the room can add credibility and cachet to you as the person to be giving that speech. You can say enough in your talk to attract the interest of your audience, but if you attempt to show them the full, detailed picture, you will overwhelm them. They will tune out part way through your talk and their minds will be miles away.

With your own book at the back of the room, you can make your supporting data and references available in a format your audience can refer to in the future.

Have you thought about what to include? How detailed to make your explanations? How formal your style should be?

Think back to times you have been in the audience. Which speakers impressed you the most? How many of them had materials available at the back of the room? Picture yourself joining them at a book signing.

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I’d love to help you become one of those impressive experts. Give me a call and let’s talk. Schedule your Enchanted Book Session here.

Sticking to your commitment

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Why is an editor important?

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Why Edit an Article or Book?

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To Rhyme Or Not To Rhyme

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