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Is It Accomdate or Acomidate or Accommodate?

One of the reference books I loved in the past was a misspeller’s dictionary. It wasn’t very big – usually referred to as ‘pocket-sized’. Most versions had some basic spelling rules at the beginning, followed by thousands of misspelled words and homonyms – words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings – entered by their most common misspellings.

I used them myself and gave them as graduation gifts to new high school graduates.

With the advent of word processors with autocorrect, there has evidently been less of a market for this as a print book. When I did a search on Amazon, the most recent copyright date I could find was 1997. However, there were a lot of new and used copies available through third party vendors.

Recently, I found an online resource that is similar to these misspelling dictionaries called full of misspelled words, names, and places. has 13 misspellings of accommodate, obviously a frequently misspelled word. From any of the misspellings, you go to a page with a brief description and links to additional helpful sites.

The word listed above (accommodate) is probably the correct spelling for the word that you entered (accomdate). This is just an educated guess based on commonly misspelled words. To double check that this is the correct word, you can use the resources below to find the definition of accommodate, antonyms for accommodate, synonyms for accommodate, quotes relating to accommodate and other information about accommodate.

There are links to dictionary websites, a thesaurus, encyclopedia websites, and web searches that take you directly to accommodate on those sites.

With words like their, there, and they’re or waste and waist the dictionary definitions generally include a section called Can be confused that shows the alternate spellings with links to their definitions.

Part of our credibility is based on the accuracy of our writing – correctly spelling and using words. Since correct spelling and grammar aren’t imbedded into our DNA, it is great to have a variety of resources available – both in print and online.

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