Where, oh where, did my special file go?

A frustration I have experienced more than once is to forget what folder I saved a file to, especially if it is a document that addresses more than one topic.

Some word processing programs now allow you to add tags to a file when you save it.

What’s a tag, you might ask? It is a word or phrase that you associate with a specific topic or theme.

With any file, you can add a note at the beginning or end of the document. In this note, you can add a tag (or tags) of your own.

You can then use these tags as search terms when trying to locate the file in Finder on a Mac or Windows Explorer on a PC.

If you are working on a collection of essays, your tags could include names, concepts and events. Several essays might involve the same person, but different concepts and events. By including several terms in the search box, it will be easier to locate the file you need, whatever folder you saved it to and however long ago you saved it.

The following example shows a search for Lance (Miller) and audience. He is a world champion of speaking, and I was searching for a file related to giving a speech.

While multiple files came up in response to the search, it was easy for me to find the ones with Lance’s name in the file name, and then use preview to find the specific file I was looking for.

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Note: Today is World Alzheimer’s Day. If you have a friend or family member experiencing dementia, this would be a good day to call and check up on them.

Happy writing!

Mary Lou

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