Do you have something to sell at the back of the room?

Why write a book?

The basic reason is to share your message with a larger audience than you currently have access to.

If you are a speaker or an entrepreneur, your book can serve many purposes. In addition to sharing your message, it can be a way to let your potential clients learn about you and how you think.

It can be something to sell at the back of the room so members of your audience will be carrying your name around and have it in front of them after they get home.

It can add to your stature as an expert in your field.

I can remember going to all-day training sessions in my past life. There would be several speakers during the day. The ones I tended to pay more attention to were those who had taken the time and put forth the effort to write a book.

I knew they had given a lot of thought to their topic, and invested time and resources into getting clear in their own minds about the steps involved and/or the principles they were sharing.

Was this book (or their multiple books) easy to write? Parts of it may have flowed quickly, but other parts would have taken effort. Most people need an accountability partner and editor to keep their book a priority in their lives instead of drifting to the bottom of the pile.

Those who said yes to writing a book and followed through on that yes have all been glad they did so.

Is it your turn?

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