Sticking to your commitment

There are some times that we just don’t feel like writing. We are tempted by the beach in the summer and ski slopes in the winter to do anything but write.

A steady routine is important for getting your book completed. When writing doesn’t come easy there are other productive ways you can use that time.

One of your early steps in preparation for writing was to create a preliminary outline of topics you want to include in your book.

When writing is a challenge a good use of your time is to take another look at your outline and determine any supporting items you might still need.

* Would photos add power to your point?

  • Spend some time locating photos you already have. Or research stock photos.

* Would a chart, graph, or diagram clarify one of your points?

  • Create one that illustrates your point. Or identify someone who can do it for you.

* Would a client story (or a blending of several stories) enhance your book?

  • Review work you’ve done with recent clients and jot down some notes to use later.

Sticking to your commitment to spend regular time on your book – whether by writing or doing research – will strengthen your resolve and your self-esteem.

*     *     *     *     *

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