How much do you value freedom of information and speech?

Today is Freedom of Information Day, a celebration dear to my heart.

Since I was a kid, I have been a collector of information – I’m sometimes referred to by my kids as the trivia queen of random facts.

Throughout my various careers, helping people gather and share information has been a central part of what I do.

Politicians and journalists – past and present – from the writers of the US Bill of Rights (first ten amendments to the constitution) to newspaper and media journalists and fact checkers – have worked to protect our rights and provide us with accurate information.

Whether you are giving a speech or writing an article or a book, you are sharing information.

Today is a day to express gratitude for the rights of people at all levels of life to receive and share accurate information without fear of reprisal.

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Got a question about how to present information in an interesting way or how to verify information you have been sent? Give me a call at 843-498-3952 or click here to get on my schedule.

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As an aside, if you decide to celebrate with the Irish tomorrow with some green beer, let someone else drive you home.

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