A time for expressing gratitude

This is one of those mixed times in our community. Hurricane Matthew went through here a couple of weeks ago.

Our cat traveled for several hours in the car each way when we evacuated and slept the whole way. We are grateful.

No one was killed by the storm in Beaufort County. We are grateful.

Our home was undamaged on our return. We are grateful.

My sister’s home was undamaged, although they lost power for several days, and a number of trees came down in their yard. We are grateful.

Our older son and his fiancé evacuated twice from their home in Murrells Inlet – first to Florence, then to Columbia. They returned to a home that had flooded for the second time this year. Their home is again being rehabbed. Their dock was damaged. They and their dog were safe. The waters have calmed. We are grateful.

Many friends had no damage other than trees down. We are grateful.

Other friends had trees fall on top of their homes. We are grateful they were not personally harmed, and sad that they experienced great losses.

We drive down the roads on Hilton Head Island, saddened by the remnants of dead and dying trees along the side of the road. We are grateful for the hundreds of workers and volunteers who have come from other parts of the country to help with the clean up and repairs.

We experience fear and sadness, gladness and gratitude, all mixed up during every day. We know the future will be better for all of us. We ask why any of this had to happen to anyone.

The expression of gratitude for the good in our lives, small and large, adds a sense of peace and safety to our lives. In the midst of disaster and destruction, gratitude gives us strength to move forward.

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