What’s on Your To Be List?

I am working on this Quick Tip while sitting in a hotel room miles away from home. We evacuated from the LowCountry of South Carolina ahead of Hurricane Matthew, one of the most dangerous storms to approach the Atlantic Coast of the US in years.

We hadn’t planned or budgeted for a trip at this time. We have a cat, which limited our options. We found a cat-friendly hotel, but we’re not supposed to leave Tuxedo alone, so we have eaten a lot of sandwiches during this trip.

My emotions have been bouncing all over the place from peace to being glad we are in a safe place, to panic over what is happening in our absence, to how will we take care of what comes next, back to reassurance that we are safe, and the Divine is in charge and is our Source.

An event like this reminds us of the important things in our lives. I’ve been spending some time with an idea of my sister Pat’s. She creates two lists these days, her To Do List and her To Be List.

Her To Do List for a recent day contained all of the typical items:

  • Make the to do list
  • Go to the dentist
  • Clean the house
  • Call folks from my list for the Founders’ Day celebration
  • Cook dinner
  • Get my grandson to school and back
  • Spend time with my grandson
  • Call or email my son
  • Call my friend’s daughter
  • Send check to my sister

Her To Be List for the same day came from a different perspective:

  • Be connected with God
  • Be open to the beauties around me
  • Really see the people I meet
  • Remember what is important to me
  • Make a conscious choice of “yes” or “no”
  • Feel the love that is ever present—the love for others, the love from others
  • Be in the present
  • Be patient—with myself and others
  • See the good that is the only reality
  • Celebrate that good

Spending time on creating a To Be List, and taking the time to implement the items on your list is a great way to keep your spirit and emotions on an even keel.

And while passion is important in identifying your topic and your point of view for your writing, being caught up in your emotions can keep you from maintaining the discipline to actually write.

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