New beginnings

Today is a day of beginnings for me. As a young woman, I had moved to Normal, IL, with my husband, Frank, on a snowy winter day the previous January, not realizing I was pregnant.

By the beginning of summer, I was more than aware. Normal is a small university town located in the middle of hot, humid Illinois, basically surrounded by cornfields. By August, I was more than ready to greet my child and get to know him outside my body.

Early the morning of the 11th my water broke. We only lived a few blocks from the hospital, so we decided to walk rather than try to get a cab at that hour. [Frank doesn’t drive due to his legal blindness.]

I can remember walking through the soft air and gentle quiet of that residential neighborhood, stopping periodically to hold on to Frank while experiencing another contraction, and then moving on.

As has been typical of many experiences in my life, there was an element of hurry up and wait even with the delivery. After several hours of labor, my doctor suggested taking an x-ray since things didn’t seem to be progressing. Thankfully, he wasn’t one of those OBs who wouldn’t even look at alternatives until after at least 24 hours of labor. It seems that my 5’1” body wasn’t built to deliver the body attached to a 13 ½ inch diameter head.

Brian at 2 hours old
Brian at 2 hours old

Things started happening quickly then, as I was moved into surgery for a C-section, and Brian was officially delivered at 2:36 pm – less than twelve hours after my water broke.

And so began the rhythm of slow – fast – slow – fast – slow that has been much of my life since then.

An important thing to recognize, in all parts of your life, is that like it or not, your life will not move forward at the same speed all the time. In fact, you may even find yourself seeming to move backward on occasion. During the slower times, allow yourself the freedom to spend some of your time looking for the inspiration that will keep you motivated during the crazy fast times and the super slow times.

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