What does independence mean to you?

July is the month to celebrate national unity and independence – first Canada with Canada Day on the 1st, then the United States with Independence Day on the 4th, and today France with Bastille Day.

My tip for you today is to take a few minutes to journal on what independence means to you.

  • How do you define independence?
  • If it is tied to separation, what are you (or do you) want to be separated from?
  • What would your life be like if you were living your definition of independence?

Several years ago, my sister Pat Bell introduced me to the term interdependence. She sees this as a healthy mix of dependence and independence. The individual is whole and enters into the relationship as an equal, yet relies on others to lead a successful life. Just as most of us no longer raise and harvest or butcher our own food and instead rely on our local grocer to have healthy food available for us. Just as we each have our own area of expertise that fits well into the needs of another.

Which term better fits the life you want to be living – independence or interdependence?

We each have a message to share – whether it centers on the possibilities that evolve from independence or the principles that have served us well in our business or personal life.

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