How well do you know Aunt Edna?

Earlier this month I asked you how well you knew Donald Duck. Today my question is how well do you know Aunt Edna?

One of the radio shows my husband Frank and I have enjoyed for years is A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor. Our PBS station carries it early Saturday evening and at noon on Sunday.

Not long ago, I discovered a fun daily newsletter Garrison sends out called The Writer’s Almanac. It always starts with a poem and then he shares information about two or three writers – some I know, most are new to me.

I was struck by a quote he shared earlier this month from Terence Rattigan, a London playwright.  He said he wrote for the common theatergoer, whom he called “Aunt Edna.” He said Aunt Edna was a “nice, respectable, middle-class, middle-aged, maiden lady, with time on her hands and money to help her pass it.”

Can you describe your audience as clearly as Terence Rattigan can?

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