Captivate with your expertise

What’s a way to gain credibility, to be seen as an expert on a topic?

You’re ready to expand your reach. You have worked with enough people that you have identified the message that captivates your favorite clients.

You’ve been hiding in the shadows, yet knowing it is time to let people know who you are and what you believe. You’ve been to the big events. You’ve watched the webinars. You’ve listened to the shamans. You’ve checked with your crystals.

They all say the same thing. The time is now to move out from under that bushel basket and be seen and heard.

You need a book sharing your message. Create a speech based on your book and start giving it. Autograph your book at the back of the room.

Writing your book is a great way to start the process of moving into the light. As you start putting your message down in print, you will gain clarity regarding each of the important elements that combine to create your core message.

The clearer each of the elements is, the easier it will be to work with them:

  • To identify the most important elements
  • To sort them
  • To identify stories that illustrate and expand on each element
  • To decide which elements to include in each particular speech you give

Which element can you make most immediately relevant and interesting? The earlier work you did in identifying and expanding each element will help you decide where to start. Your experiences and your knowledge of your audience will help you decide which element to highlight in your speech and what to include.

For example, a health coach would probably have elements related to stress, nutrition and exercise. There might also be elements related to blood chemistry and essential oils. All could easily be covered in your book. Depending on the time allotted for your speech, you might mention all of them but only really address one of them.

  • If you have a new way of presenting the USDA My Plate or the historic food pyramid, complete with local seasonal foods, that may be your sweet spot for your speech.
  • If you have become an expert at training people in simple exercise routines that are easy to remember and require no or minimal equipment, perhaps that is where you would start.
  • If your audience is full of office workers, perhaps you have some simple chair exercises they can do during a short morning or afternoon break to help them keep alert and productive.

Cover everything in your book. Focus on part of your message in each of your talks. Autograph (and sell) the same book at the back of the room with each of the topics.

Being able to send out a speaker’s sheet with the line “Author of …” will increase your credibility with the program chair of the group and with the audience.

Your book and talks can let the world know you – not just the handful of people who already know and love you. The more people who know you, the larger your pool of prospects and clients will be. The more clients you have, the sooner you will have the freedom you seek.

*   *   *   *   *

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