Music to write by

Writing is a solitary activity. Most of us, however, don’t handle total silence that well. Turning to music for inspiration works for many of us.

Take some time to experiment with different types of music. Observe what type of music helps you to be your most productive.

Instrumental is generally best for writing, but that still gives you a wide range of styles to explore – classical, jazz, meditative.

There are all sorts of possibilities on YouTube. Try different ones until you find the perfect genre for you.

For some people a “white noise” machine or app is best. Again, there are multiple options from the sound of waves on a beach to formless sound.

And while most of the time it is helpful to have some sound in the background to mask the traffic sounds outside or the sounds of people and pets in the area or the creaks of your home, there are some times and some writers who prefer relative quiet.

Explore the options until you find what works best for you.

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