What pattern should your book follow?

As you may have noticed, I love tracking various holidays, including many that are off the beaten path. I learned recently that March is National Crochet Week.

As a crocheter, [or As someone who has been crocheting for many years] I have long enjoyed looking at and creating different patterns.

Books also come in a variety of patterns. Let’s look at a few of the most popular non-fiction forms:

  • A how-to book, listing and describing steps in the order you would take them.
  • An introduction, presenting a brief explanation of several related topics without going into depth in any of them.
  • An opinion paper, which could have one of two formats – either presenting only arguments on one side of an issue or a pro-and-con format presenting alternating points regarding a topic important to you.
  • A history or biography, presenting information in chronological order.
  • A memoir or collection of essays, either related to a specific topic or a range of topics.

Each pattern or format has value for some types of books. None is good for every book.

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