Quick Tip – What are you doing for fun today?

It’s winter where I live. By late afternoon the sky is getting grey. It’s not surprising to discover the world outside my window is dark by 5:30 or 6 pm. When it gets dark early the atmosphere gets more solemn. It’s easy to forget to take time for fun.

A way to add some life to the day is to play a musical instrument. Now, if playing a piano, guitar, or trumpet is not in your tool kit, I want to introduce you to a children’s instrument that is easy to play – the kazoo.

kazoo 2

We discovered after moving here that Beaufort County, SC, is the home of the only remaining plastic kazoo manufacturer in the United States, Kazoobie Kazoos. And today is National Kazoo Day.

Playing a kazoo is similar to making music with waxed paper folded over a comb. You hum at the larger end of the kazoo and this creates a vibration that is amplified by the instrument.

When you are ready to take a break from your writing just pull your kazoo out of your pocket and hum a little tune.

Not sure how to play it? A search on You Tube brings a wide selection of how to videos and music played on kazoo. Here’s a version of Over the Rainbow on kazoo.

Have some fun!

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