Quick Tip: Where, Oh Where, Has That Little File Gone?

Once work has begun on a book it is amazing how quickly the files start to appear. After a while it gets cumbersome to scroll through them all to find the one you are looking for. A little basic file management strategy will help with this.

First, you will need a folder with the name ‘Book’ or the actual preliminary name of your book.

Second, inside this folder you will create subfolders to sort your files into. I generally start with the following subfolders:

  • Bits and pieces
  • Current draft of book
  • Draft chapters
  • Photos
  • Previous drafts of book

A client who is reviewing a number of pieces she has written in the past has set up two subfolders for now:

  • Use in the book
  • Don’t use in the book

In the future she will create additional subfolders for each theme she wants to address in her book.

Next, to speed the process of sorting and moving files, I suggest you create a one or two letter code for each of your folders. Then, as you review or create each file, use the appropriate code at the beginning of your file name, such as p – stickies sorted on a wall with the code of p – for the subfolder Photos.

At the end of each week, go to My Documents, or wherever else you have been saving your files. Find all of the files that begin with the same code. Highlight all of the files that belong in the same subfolder. Cut and paste them into that subfolder.

The next time you want to work on your book all of the related files should be findable in the main folder and related subfolders.

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Want help with sorting your files? Just give me a call at 843-593-0045 or click here to schedule an appointment.

Happy writing!

Mary Lou

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