What extras belong in my book, Part Two?

In addition to things that add interest and break up the density of your book itself there are a number of pages or sections devoted to specific purposes that add to the experience of your reader but don’t really belong in the body of your book.

Earlier we looked at pages like the Dedication and Table of Contents that belong in the front of your book. We discussed special added features such as illustrations, graphs, and tables.

This week I will discuss some things frequently added to the back part of a book. Again, it is a rare book that will include all of these:

  • A glossary  of words that you have introduced in the book that may be specific to your topic but not part of your readers’ general vocabulary.
  • A resource list, book list, or reading list – all variations on the theme of sources for additional information, software or items that can help your reader act on the material presented in the book.
  • A footnote section that contains detailed attributions for material you have referenced in your book.
  • A bibliography – similar to the footnote section, but a listing of the articles, books, and websites you researched in preparing your materials.
  • An index, especially if this is a long book that you anticipate being used as reference material in the future.
  • A Call to Action – something that will encourage your reader to continue her or his relationship with you.
  • Your biography – information about you and why you are the best person to write this book.
  • Testimonials by current and past clients.


Most of the items in the back of the book could come under the general title of reference materials. They add supplemental information that may be important to some of your readers. They add substance and authority to your writing when writing non-fiction.

One item, and in most instances two, should be in every book. These are your biography and a call to action.

Readers typically respond more favorably to a book when they know at least a little something about the author.

And it is rare that an author does not want to develop an ongoing relationship with their readers. The goal might be to convert the reader into a client. It could be as simple as creating curiosity and an appetite for the next book the author will be writing.

At least one goal in writing your book is to share your message with the world. There are always multiple threads to that message and these extras help your reader to get your entire message.

*   *  *   *   *

Deciding which of these extras to include in your book can be challenging. If you would like some help with this I’d love to partner with you as your Book Enchantress. It’s time to share your powerful gift with the Universe.

Give me a call at 843-593-0045 or use this link to schedule a call to talk about what is involved.


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