Snow Days Bring Back Childhood Memories

Personal stories are frequently the foundation for our books. When writing non-fiction they can add credibility to the point we want to make.

When writing fiction they can become a part of the story, changing the names to the characters in the novel.

This week the weather has given us a starting place for recalling some stories.

Last Saturday the Hilton Head Island Recreation Association brought in a snow making machine so the kids on the coast of southern South Carolina could experience a snow day. For $10 each they could play in the snowfield and use the inflatable rides and pony rides.

The beginning of this week saw major snow storms in the Northeast. For the children in Pennsylvania thru Maine, the stories about snow days were entirely different. No school. Fantastic stories to tell their kids about how deep the snow was and how strong the wind gusts were.

All of these children live along the Atlantic coast of the US. But drastic differences in their experiences. Just imagine how they will talk about their experiences in the future.

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What stories can you tell about snow days from your childhood?

Try writing out a story with as much detail as you can remember or imagine. If you didn’t grow up in an area that cancelled school for snow was there another reason to have an unscheduled day off? Write about that situation instead.

Then write the same story from the perspective of your parents (or yourself as a parent).  Each story should have a hook at the beginning to catch the attention of your reader, some details in the middle to add substance, and an ending that pulls it together with a lesson learned or a moral to the story.

Save your stories for possible use in the future.

*   *   *   *   *

Was it a challenge to write these stories? Do your memories hide in the shadows of your past?

I can help you pull your stories out of the past.

Are you ready to share your story and your message with the world? I can help you create a strategy for doing this. Give me a call at 843-593-0045 or use this link to schedule a call to talk about what is involved.

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