The first steps in moving your message from your mind to paper.

You have learned a lot of life lessons. There is an underlying theme that you have shared with family, friends, and clients. You are ready to share it with a larger audience in the form of a book.

You are sitting at your desk with a pad and a pen, all set to put your pearls of wisdom down on paper.

And then it happens – your mind goes blank.

How to get started?

Spend a few minutes thinking about the conversations when you shared your message.

Start writing down everything you can think of from those conversations.

A photo of a pad of paper and a pen, ready to start writing your initial notes.
A photo of a pad of paper and a pen, ready to start writing your initial notes.

Don’t worry about writing in complete sentences. Just write enough to remember what the point is.

Try writing a series of questions about the underlying theme. Go back and answer as many of your questions as you can. Make note of the questions you can’t answer. Decide if the answer is critical to a presentation on your message. If it is, mark it for more research.

Set your notes aside overnight and come back to them the next day. Decide on the order you want to answer the questions you wrote and start writing.

If you get caught up in editing as you go, it may be better for you to dictate first and edit later. You can use a digital recorder, or talk into the phone recording your call on a service such as Once you have an audio file, you can listen to it and type it yourself or send it to your virtual assistant or contact someone thru or to transcribe it for you.

Now you are ready to start putting the pieces together to create the first complete draft of your book.

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