Information should be accessible and useful

The why of your business is the foundation, the rock upon which you have built your present and your future. It is most likely based on experiences in your past.

It is important to share that why through your books and products in order to engage your clients.

I have seen books and products that work. The words flow. The concepts are clearly presented and well organized. The stories add value and expand the reader’s understanding of the materials.

I have seen books and products that just don’t work. The wrong word causes the reader to stop and wonder what happened. Steps in a process are missing and the presentation just doesn’t make sense. There’s not enough ‘white space’ and the density of the words makes it difficult to keep one’s place while reading.

Writing well is one of those skills that can be developed. For a busy entrepreneur it is frequently helpful to work with a coach or strategist whose love is this specific creative process.

It takes writing multiple drafts to get the results you want, and generally the addition of one or more extra sets of eyes to be sure you have indeed said what you wanted to say. We are usually too close to our topic to do it completely on our own.

First you need to determine your topic and pull together your basic outline and research.

Then you want to write what is frequently referred to as a ‘shitty’ first draft. Write quickly, as the thoughts come to you. Don’t stop to think about what you are writing or to make any corrections. Get all of your thoughts on the topic out. You will probably set some of them aside. You will definitely rework many of them.

When you feel fairly satisfied with what you have written, you will be ready to share it with your coach or editor to review your writing for that clarity that was mentioned earlier. You just can’t do this step for yourself. You are too close to what you have written and the words are too thoroughly imprinted on your mind.

When doing your writing you will want to include stories – yours and your clients – along the way to draw in the reader.

One of my underlying values in my business is that information should be accessible to all who want and need it in a form that is truly useful for them.

I worked for years in the fields of blind rehabilitation and adult education. I have helped people learn new ways to gather information and use it.

Learning and teaching braille re-enforced my awareness of the need for accuracy. When preparing math materials in braille, if you leave out a dot you change the number. If the student has the wrong number to start with, there is no way he can answer the problem correctly.

If you are adding a recipe to a nutrition-oriented information product and you write tablespoon where you meant to write teaspoon, you can change the outcome drastically.

If you would like to learn more about adding stories to your writings as well as accuracy, click here to set up a call.

 History is nothing but a series of stories, whether it be world history or family history.
-Bill Mooney and David Holt, The Storyteller’s Guide






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