The value of having an team

Why create an information product or write a book? There are several reasons people give themselves:

  • I have a message I want to share with the world, or at least my tribe.”
  • “I want something to sell at the back of the room when I give a speech.”
  • “I want to add another layer of income to my website.”
  • “I want the caché that comes with being a published author.”


All of these are valid reasons and vary in their motivating power for each individual. Typically you need to have at least a couple of these to keep you going until the product or book is completed.

Once you have decided that the time is right to publish, you will want to assemble a team. You may already be working with some members of the team. Others may need to be added for this project.

You will need a strategist – someone to help you determine the purpose of the product, who the audience will be, what the content will include. You will need an editor and proofreader to solidify the content. You will need people to help with marketing, design, possibly audio and video production and editing, and physical production and distribution.

Once you know who you are creating your product for and what the topic will be for this specific product, then you will be ready to write.

After writing you will be ready for your editor and proofreader to review your work. Have you said what you wanted to? Did you include all of the important steps? Does the organization make sense? Are the words spelled correctly?

An outside ‘reader’ or editor will see things (or recognize the absence of things) that you just won’t notice as the author. The closer you are to the project and to the subject matter the greater the tendency to see what you expect to see.

As you finalize the core content of your product (or book) you should begin working with a marketer to plan your launch. You want an audience to be ready for your product as soon as you are ready to sell it. After investing time and money in preparing it, you don’t want your book sitting on the shelf collecting dust because no one knows about it.

If you have decided on a multi-media home study, you will need to create your audio and/or video files. An important decision to make early on is whether or not these pieces will duplicate the print or supplement the print. If they are to be an audio/video version of the print, the print needs to be completed before actually beginning the recordings. If they are to be supplementary, then it is a matter of deciding which topics to record and scheduling them into your life.

Once you are satisfied with the content you will need a designer to work with regarding the cover, fonts, header and footer. A person who works a lot with print is a better resource for this project than a web designer. A web page continues to scroll down until all of the information has been read. A print page has discrete dimensions – whether you host your book as a pdf file on your website or print it on paper, you want it to be pleasing to the eye.

And then there is the distribution of your product. Do you want to go strictly digital with downloadable files from your website – a frequent choice for your freebie and low cost products – or do you want a physical book or workbook along with cds and dvds that will be shipped to your client.

With a strictly digital product, you are looking at some conversations with your webmaster about hosting and delivery. With a physical product you need to decide if you will be working with a publisher, ordering multiple copies that you (or your team) will pack and ship, or with a fulfillment house that will produce the product or book on demand and ship it for you.

My areas of expertise are strategy and editing, assuring that your content is geared toward your target audience and that your product is of the highest quality possible considering the time available for its creation.

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“Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.”
― Author Unknown

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