Let’s Put It All Together

Last  time we talked about what happens after brainstorming your topic. We looked at organizing the broad range of information into a list of topics. From there we looked at deciding how many points to address in this specific information product, what order to present them in, and any extras that might add to the value of the product.Today we’re going to look at putting the product together. The following list is written for a print product. If you are preparing an audio or video only product, think of the next steps as corresponding to creating a story board.

  • Start by writing a chapter/section on each topic. Begin with the topic you like the most or have the most information on.
  • Continue until you have written a chapter/section on each topic. Keyboard
  • Set your writing aside for a day or longer.
  • Review each chapter, making any appropriate changes.

Now you are ready to put the topics in the order:

  • Write a general introduction to the product – keep in mind the basic steps of a good speech – tell them what you are going to tell them (the intro), then tell them (the body), and finally tell them what you told them (the conclusion).
  • Add transitions to the beginning and end of each chapter, connecting them to the topics that precede and follow.
  • Write your conclusion.
  • Go back and add worksheets, checklists, client stories, and similar items if you didn’t do that as you were writing the chapters earlier.
  • Create audio and video files, if desired
It takes time and effort to create a powerful information product. But taking time to look at what you have done from the perspective of your customer is well worth it. Give your customer a great experience and you will have her for life.
For help with this, use this link to set up a call.
“What makes people passionate, pure and simple, is great experiences.  If they have great experiences with your product and they have great experiences with your service,
they’re going to be passionate about your brand, they’re going to be committed to it. That’s how you build that kind of commitment.”
Jesse James Garrett

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