I’m so glad you’re here.

Your life is at an exciting turning point. You are ready to share lessons gleaned from your life.

Or you are confused. You know it is time to make a change, but you aren’t sure which path to follow.

You have a message that is close to your heart that you are ready to share with the world.

You are full of stories that your friends are encouraging you to write down – perhaps put into a book.

Your coach told you it’s time to add leveraged income to your portfolio and a book seems like the right way to go.

You have lots of ideas. Maybe you have written part of your book already.

Yet, you find yourself hesitating to take the next step.

A piece of you is more than ready for Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, to glide off the screen, leave the Land of Oz, and with her magic wand guide you through this unfamiliar territory.

I’ve been there, literally and figuratively.  At the end of our junior year in college, a tornado blew through Topeka, Kansas. My husband, Frank, and I were under a mattress in our basement near the Washburn University campus listening to the roar of a train passing overhead. Our house had minimal damage. However, when we came up for air and looked around, our immediate world didn’t look at all like it had. Many of the older campus buildings had had major damage.

The tornado had passed through so quickly that when I called my parents in Kansas City to let them know we were okay, they had no idea why we were calling.

In only a few minutes, the outer appearance of our lives had changed dramatically, and we were ready for our own personal Glinda.

Over the years, my inner landscape has shifted unexpectedly more than once. I have sought others to help me find my way forward.

Deciding to write a book can be one of those times when your life feels a little off kilter. Writing and publishing a book frequently has an aura of mystery around it. Add to this the natural hesitancy about putting something deeply personal to you out where others may not treat it with the care and respect you know it deserves.

Let me help you find your way down the Yellow Brick Road.

One of the first steps you need to take is to sort out why you would want to write a book in the first place.

One of my clients wanted her kids to learn about her life before she became a mother. She worked as a model for Eileen Ford in her twenties and ended up living in Europe for a few years, doing things and meeting people whose names her readers (including her children) would recognize from the headlines. Yet she hadn’t talked with her kids about this part of her life.

Another client wanted to acquaint her prospective clients with her style of work.  She knew that being a published author would add to her stature as a business coach. In addition, her books would give her something to sell at the back of the room when she gave speeches. One of her early books addressed decision making within a small business.

Another felt a deep need to share her message about the importance of spending time with those you love while you can. Don’t let them die without sharing some special moments with them.

And yet another realized, while we were doing some preliminary work on her book, that she had started working on it because someone else told her “it was time” for her to publish something. She just wasn’t able to find the time to do her part of the work to assure she had a book she could love and be proud of. Her excuses always appeared to be valid. Yet it never became a priority for her. Together, we determined that actually, for her, “it wasn’t the time” and she moved on to other projects in her business. Knowing when not to do something can be as important as knowing when to do it.

Assuming you are writing your book in addition to other activities in your life and business, not as the major focus of your business like well-known novelists Janet Evanovich, Sue Monk Kidd, James Patterson, or Stephen King, there are things you will need some help with to be successful.

I’d love to be your Glinda and partner with you as you write your book. We will make several stops along the Yellow Brick Road. First, we’ll start by establishing your reason for writing this book at this time. Then, we will sort through your many ideas to pull out the best ones to include in this book. We’ll work on organizing these ideas into a cohesive, interesting read.

I will support you and serve as your accountability partner while you are writing your early drafts.

As your editor, I will be a stand-in for your reader. If things don’t make sense, if concepts feel incomplete, if your book is boring, I’ll raise questions and we’ll sort out ways to make your writing more effective.

As your proofreader, I will find the typos and missing words that slipped through your multiple readings of your files. I will fact check and assure that there is internal consistency in your writing. I’m not a grammar nerd – but if you consistently use poor grammar, we’ll talk about why you do this. And leave it in place if there is a good reason to do so.

Further along the Yellow Brick Road, we’ll talk about who else you will want to work with along the way to publication of your book – designers, formatters, marketers, publishers. I can introduce you to some potential contacts as we go.

Follow this link to Working with Mary Lou or this link to schedule a complimentary Enchanted Book Session so we can talk about ways to partner on your book.